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on Board.

She’s a Beauty. Our Vision.

The boat is currently undergoing transformation in a boat yard in Phuket, Thailand.

Coboat will be an 82ft retrofitted sailing catamaran and floating coworking space. Circumnavigating the globe and exploring remote waters, Coboat will be home and office for up to 20 digital nomads as they collectively set out on a sea-faring adventure combining life, work and play.

Using green and sustainable solutions, our water and electricity is entirely solar-generated and wind-powered. Coboat will provide the previously unthinkable: 24/7 internet connection, using the latest generation of communication technologies. Fueled by our love for this planet, we will strive to protect and preserve the surrounding environment throughout our journeys. Our goal? Zero carbon footprint.

Designed for self sustainability, Coboat will use desalinated seawater and employ fishery practices with little impact on the ocean’s marine population and surrounding environment. Whenever possible, we will sail. If the winds die down, we will power up our engines – using stored energy. Clean and quiet. Just like our electricity. As green as it gets.

While Coboat, our dream of a zero carbon footprint, is still under construction, we will charter boats around the globe to bring you the Coboat-experience in 2016. Be one of the first game changers and connect with other like-minded people on Coboat Pirate Beta or our inspiring pop-up events!

  • Capacity for 20 passengers
  • Plenty of interior and exterior seating
  • Comfortable shared accommodation
  • Solar- and wind-generated power
  • Desalinated ocean water
  • Unlimited internet/wi-fi
  • Multiple device-charging stations


Builder: Dufour, Nautitech 82

Year: 1998

Boat waterline length: 24 m

Boat beam: 9.14 m

Draft: 1.50 m

Light displacement: before 32.000 kg/after approx. 25.000 kg

Range on batteries: approx. 80-120 nm (at 4-5 knots), 30-50 nm (at 6.5-8 knots)

Electric motor system: 4 x Oceanvolt SD15 sail drive electric motor

Electric motor system nominal power: 4 x 15kW

Electric motor system voltage: 48 V

Electric motor system weight: 4 x 46.5 kg

Batteries: Super-B 48kWh lithium battery pack

Batteries: Valence 48kWh lithium battery pack

Combined battery power: 96 kWh

Generator: 2x Fischer Panda AGT-DC 11000-48V

Costs incl. retro-fitting: approx. 1.000.000 €

(Deck layout previous to retrofitting)


Coboat cabins are cozy! Shared quarters include bunk or spacious double beds. Feel free to doze on deck… where the stars will lull you to sleep.


Here’s where the fun happens; eat, drink, hang out. Pitch, present and brainstorm with a whiteboard, projector or other gadget!


Spacious seating at the back of Coboat makes it easy to lounge under the stars while dinner is served. Grilled catch of the day, anyone?!


A net stretched between hulls is the perfect spot for you to gaze out on the water, sink into a midday snooze … or dream up your next startup idea.

Safety Equipment

Coboat Safety Equipment

2 Plastimo Transocean Life Rafts, Throwable Safety Devices, Life Jackets, Portable Fire extinguishers, AIS (Automatic Identification System), Electronic Navigation and Radar, 2 VHF radios, 3 handheld VHF radios, EPIRB, First Responder First Aid Kit, Oxygen Kit


Coboat in another life was called Nemo. Built by Dufour, Nautitech 82, in 1998, it was a normal sailing boat with double beds and noisy diesel engines. It had a good life, but the time came where it needed more adventure, more innovation; it wanted to really leave its mark on the world. So it decided it would reinvent, rejuvenate, and renovate.


The process began with the last Nemo sailing from the Maldives to Phuket, where the new lease of life started. The old engines were taken out, the old layout removed and the cabins gutted. Something amazing started happening. New ideas, latest equipment and collaborative settings were explored. Nemo is well on the way to becoming Coboat. Solar panels, electric motor systems by Oceanvolt, new batteries - it is all happening. There is even talk of exciting fun equipment that hadn't been on board before, something called SUP and TRX... ??


Coboat in all her glory, with all the innovative technology, designs and coworking environment, will be a sight to behold. The maiden voyage will go into more unknown territories with crew and awesome passengers, ready to explore the oceans and the potential of each person aboard to collaborate, innovate and create.

“The world’s largest sailing yacht with electric propulsion and energy regeneration.”