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General Info:

  • 1. What is included in the price?

    Accommodation, internet, food and drinks (except alcohol). Most day trips are included.

  • 2. What should I bring?

    Laptops are a must – and any other hi-tech gear that you might want to bring along. Space is limited aboard the catamaran, so please leave your hard-shell suitcases and trolley cases ashore. Dress is casual – so pack light.. and leave your suits and cocktail dresses behind! You’ll spend most of your time in shorts, t-shirts, swimwear.. and bare feet!

  • 3. Who will benefit most from a Coboat experience?

    Coboat is for professionals from all walks of life; entrepreneurs, remote workers, digital nomads, location independents, writers, photographers, designers. We also welcome startuppers, small teams or larger groups. Are you curious to know what it takes to lead life as a digital nomad? If so, this could be your ticket!

  • 4. Can I join even if I am not an entrepreneur or digital nomad?

    Yes! Coboat welcomes you for your skills, talents and curiosity. If you’re brimming with ideas, looking for new ways to work, and want to engage with a like-minded community and the world at large, then this could be for you!

  • 5. How many boats will you have?

    One Coboat – for now. But who knows? We might be tempted to launch a sister ship!

  • 6. How can I support the Coboat project?

    Support Coboat by purchasing a ticket, joining us onboard and taking an active part in our community. Like us. blog and tweet about us. Then follow Coboat’s journey around the world!

  • 7. Are vegetarian, vegan and special diets available on board?

    We try to cater to all dietary requirements. Please indicate your food restrictions (or preferences) on the application form to ensure that your needs are met.

  • 8. What happens if I want to cancel a booking?

    Unfortunately if 50% of the booking fee has been paid as a deposit we cannot offer a refund.

    However, if 100% of the booking fee has been paid and you notify us at least four weeks prior to departure, you can receive a 50% refund.

    We cannot give refunds without notice of at least four weeks before departure.

    Please check the Terms and Conditions for more.

  • 9. What are the general payment terms?

    Bookings require a 50% deposit up front, the remaining 50% is due 8 weeks prior to departure. See the Terms and Conditions for more.

  • 10. Can I change the dates of my booking?

    If you want to reschedule then we charge 10% of the ticket price as a rebooking fee.

    Because of administration costs and the risk of us not being able to sell the place we have to keep a fee if it’s :

    at least four weeks before the trip: 40% (50% in total)

    less than four weeks before the trip: 90% (100% in total

    If we are successful in reselling the ticket again we will refund the fee.

    See the Terms and Conditions for more.

  • 11. Can I bring my pet on board?

    Although we would love to, I am afraid we cannot take any pets or animals on board, not even cute ones. Sorry.

  • 12. Can I bring my child or baby on board?

    We love children, but unfortunately we feel it is not appropriate to bring babies and children on the trip. Adults only I am afraid.

  • 13. Are there any physical requirements for the trip?

    Due to the nature of the experience and in the interest of safety we ask that you are a competent swimmer and of good physical state. If there is any doubt we will need you to notify us so we can make a decision.

    We feel the trip is not suitable for pregnant women beyond 6 months.

    It is with regret that due to the access restrictions and layout on our vessel wheel chair bound guests and some physically disabled people cannot join.

    We care about your safety, so if you are in any doubt please read the Terms and Conditions or email us at [email protected]

  • 14. Where should I fly and when will you tell my the meeting point with the boat?

    Details about exact locations of embarkation and disembarkation are announced on the website as they become available.

    These locations will be as close to domestic airports as possible. However, local land or sea transfer might be necessary.

    We will always inform you of the closest international airport within reach of the trip.

    Local/Domestic airports will be announced closer to the trip date, no later than 1 week before departure.

    Be advised that the final location of pick-up (usually by dingy) may be announced at short-notice.

  • 15. What makes Coboat a social business?

    Coboat is also our calling. It is our not for profit cause, to engage with change makers from different cultures and seek out partnerships to support our social mission to rid the oceans of pollution – for good. Learn more


  • 1. What equipment should I bring on Coboat?

    Please bring all your work devices: laptop, phone, tablet, travel adapters, etc. Spare parts (and equipment) are not available onboard.

  • 2. How does the internet work?

    Along coastlines, we use 3G/4G network. The tech provided by our partner CELLweaver can combine up to four 4G/3G connections into a single data stream with speeds of up to 400 Mbit/s and thus ensures the owner has a great internet connection when on board within up to 10nm off the coastline.

    Users can expect a realistic average speed of 40 MBits/s in 3G areas and 160 MBits/s plus where there is 4G.

    We are aware that reasonable internet access is an essential feature of our coworking experience and undertake sufficient efforts to provide internet connection.

    However, uninterrupted connection cannot be guaranteed at all times.

  • 3. Can I recharge my laptop and other devices?

    Multiple charging stations are available 24/7 around Coboat.

  • 4. Will there be desks and chairs?

    Seating arrangements are modeled on coworking principles of productivity and comfort.

  • 5. Can I work with other people I meet on Coboat?

    Yes of course! Coworking with fellow Coboaters implies an invitation to collaborate. The intensive group experience is ideal for sharing skills, mentoring, providing advice and pitching new ideas. The sky – and sea – is the limit!

  • 6. Will Coboat organise its own projects?

    When opportunities arise, Coboat’s crew will organise various events and projects. These may include collaborations onboard – or on land with local organisations and communities. As the first mobile (and floating!) coworking space, we will make pit-stops at hubs located in port cities. Imagine dropping by a digital nomad networking event at a beachfront club in Thailand.

Life on board:

Health & Safety:

  • 1. Is seasickness an issue?

    Most of the journey takes place on calm waters. Coboat’s size also minimizes movement of the vessel in the event of choppy weather. In rare cases of seasickness, our experienced crew comes to the rescue; with ginger cookies, yoga, meditation and (if necessary) medication.

  • 2. Is it dangerous to be aboard the Coboat?

    Coboat is a sizable and seaworthy vessel, captained and maintained by a professional crew. Our navigation schedule is planned to avoid stormy weather (as much as possible) and to reduce risk. First aid assistance, oxygen and medications are all available onboard. Each new Coboater is also welcomed onboard with a safety briefing.

  • 3. What insurance will I require?

    It is highly recommended to have additional insurance cover such as travel, accident, cancellation, luggage and trip-interruption insurance.

    Our insurance does not cover the accidents or injuries that may occur on the trip.

    See the Terms and Conditions for more.