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and Vision

We at Coboat pledge to foster change – for ourselves, our community and millions of others.


We believe the fusion of inspiring situations and environments with adventurous talents will create a catalyst for creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship and change – all this on a boat.


Coboat is also our calling. It is our not for profit cause, to engage with change makers from different cultures and seek out partnerships to support our social mission to rid the oceans of pollution – for good.


The power of the Coboat Community

As we sail the world we will invite our community to contribute to the development of regional social businesses which will save our oceans. One ocean at time.
When you have sailed for most of your life like we have, you get to witness the devastating impact our pollution is having. Even the smallest of beaches and seas are plagued with pollution. Seeing it first hand, over and over again, makes it difficult to ignore. There is no longer an option to sit back and do nothing.

What if we use Coboat as a platform to connect ocean projects to people across the globe?

We believe that the coworking movement is teaming with unique brain powers. We want to harness this movement and facilitate connections to change makers and projects from all over the world. Crucially, Coboat will connect people to the ocean.
To clear our oceans of pollution, as well to make sustainable changes in every region we sail, Coboat will:

– Connect people, projects and ideas

– Educate, support and empower people to change their behaviour

– Drive innovation

– Kickstart social businesses


Coboat takes coworking to new heights – and depths.


We will focus on each person aboard Coboat, guiding, inspiring and empowering them to discover the best version of themselves.

We will encourage you to live in your discomfort zone, to take bold risks, to think outside the boat, be disruptive and realise your potential to be a game changer.

You will be part of a community of people who will lend a hand and share knowledge and resources. Coboat is the sum of all it’s parts.

You will gain fresh perspectives, on life and career. And a change of scenery every day provides the opportunity to look at the world outside of yourself.