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Welcome to Paradise.

Collaborate, innovate and create with fellow Coboaters aboard one of the most inspirational coworking environments in the world. Detach from land. Free your mind. Immerse yourself in nature.

Boost your productivity on the high seas. Open yourself up to visionary solutions. Life aboard Coboat is all about achieving balance and creating a life to love: When you need a break from work, get unplugged, connect with others or dive into the crystal clear blue water.

We are going to be circumnavigating the globe one sail at a time and exploring remote waters.

Our home is your home, but it's so much more than just that. It's also an office for up to 12 digital nomads as we collectively set out on a sea-faring adventure combining life, work and play.

  • Coworking
  • Coliving
  • Community
  • Sustainable
  • Social
  • Online

It’s time to sail the world together.

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It was a wonderful trip!

Jean-Yves Sireau

The Coboat experience was eye-opening, inspiring, and thought-provoking. It made me think about new possibilities and opportunities. I think the Coboat concept is great and has a lot of potential in the future. I’m also glad we cleaned that beach."

Jean-Yves Sireau

Founder of Binary.com, Coboater

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The coboat experience was excellent

Judith Kurtz

it helped me on my way to find my “Big Five for Life” as told in the book by John Strelecky.

Sharing your inner dreams with people on the same wavelength makes it even bigger."

Judith Kurtz

Unit Director at KAAPKE, Coboater

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Coboat is one of the craziest ideas

Jenny Lachs

I have ever come across and i'm so impressed it works. I loved everything; the sailing, driving and loved meeting everyone. The workshops were really really good, I really loved hearing about other people's lives and work. The input I received from my workshop was hugely valuable and I feel so much more confident going forward. The connections and input are the most important aspects of the experience for me."

Jennifer Lachs

Digital Nomad Girls, Coboater

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When I signed up to Coboat

Lucinda Gosling

I had a couple of aims in mind. Firstly to get re-inspired by spending time with like-minded self-driven people, secondly to take some time to play with a couple of business ideas and thirdly to pick up a tan as the depressing British summer has barely leant me a ray. Pleasingly all three were smashed out of the water, as we inevitably smashed through it. "

Lucinda Gosling

Planning Director at pd3, Coboater

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The community helped me

Theo Doukas

to put things in perspective. It was good to bounce a few ideas off people and get feedback on my project. My head feels much clearer now."

Theo Doukas

Polperro Dolphin Swims, Coboater

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Coboat has a great family feel

Eleni Atsikbasis

born out of strong connections to the people on board and this led to lots of collaboration. The community sparked new ideas for me and identified future partnerships and projects."

Eleni Atsikbasis

Digital Nomads Lesvos, Coboater

Talking ‘bout a Collaboration.

On Coboat, you’re never working entirely alone. The daily challenges of nomadic life and work can be tempered with support from a community of like-minded peers. Engage with others. Seek solutions or solitude at water’s edge. Join activities – onboard and ashore. Work + play. Co-working helps steer you ahead. Unlimited opportunities onboard to interact with digital nomads from around the world. Cross-cultural experiences ashore – with locals in isolated communities. Prepare yourself for a voyage of first encounters.

Coboat is the ideal hub for startups. A perfect environment for unshackling conventional thinking and tackling a creative vision waiting to explode on the world’s stage. Coboat is custom-made for blue-sky thinking. Coboat is not for workaholics! It’s where you come to improve your lifestyle and explore new environments. It’s about engaging with the community – on and offshore. It’s also about breathing fresh air, jumping into the water and reeling up your first fish.

Join the group. Learn the ropes. Jumpstart your latest project. Forge instant professional networks and lasting personal bonds. Daily opportunities to share your skills. Swap a coding session for website design. Write a page of copy in exchange for an intro to the finer points of UI.

Imagine discovering far-flung destinations and cultures. Interacting with remote communities. Learning about indigenous tribes from village chiefs who invite you to join a ritual ceremony. Do some good in return. Live your karma.

Swimming on Sunshine.

Back on Coboat. Just in time for water sports! Diving. Snorkeling. Scuba diving. Surfing. Paddling around coves and caves by sea kayak. Meditate or read a book. Round off the evening with a group barbecue on a remote beach.

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