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2019 Season

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on the 05th January

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Cowork your way from one exotic place to another. Start with a life changing experience at DNX GLOBAL in Bangkok. Follow up with a week aboard one of the most inspirational coworking environments in the world*. All combined in one special ticket:

Claim one of 10 limited DNXglobalxCoboat tickets and save 12% now

Coboat offers digital nomads, entrepreneurs and creative thinkers a fresh and new perspective on their lives and careers. And a change of scenery every day. Our route in 2016: Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia.

DNX GLOBAL in Bangkok 2016 is the place to be for digital nomads & online entrepreneurs presenting 10 speakers, inspiring talks, actionable Know-How and Networking. DNX is changing lives, triggering people start working and living location independent.


At a combined ticket price of 980 €** you get:

1   Ticket for DNX GLOBAL Main Event, March 1, 2016, Bangkok

(incl. DNX Party, Lunch, snacks & drinks, access to closed DNX community)

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1   Coboat Open Voucher (1 week)

(incl. accommodation in shared double or triple cabins, breakfast, lunch and dinner, non-alcoholic drinks, internet/WiFi

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* Launch later part of 2016, Terms & Booking conditions apply.

** You only need to pay 490 € now, 490 € due 8 weeks before departure. You’ll save 136 €.