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One of the most photographed and shared coworking spaces in the world

Our partner brands and companies share the Coboat ethos to innovate, collaborate and develop groundbreaking ideas to shape our future and contribute positively to the global community.

Their products and state-of-the-art technology as well as contribution of knowledge and skills make Coboat possible.

Innovation Partners


Technology Partners

It’s time to sail the world together.

Are you interested in learning more about the future of work and innovation culture? Get in touch with us to talk about how you can partner with Coboat: [email protected]

„Tapping into coworking spaces will be the next new thing for corporate sponsors.“

Brand and corporate partners will benefit from Coboat's ecosystem jumpstarting their reputation in innovation, enhancing brand perception and establishing themselves as a relevant player in a rapidly moving market of talent and ideas.

Innovation Partnership

Partnering with Coboat offers you these benefits:

  • Be part of innovation culture and the future of work
  • Engage with an international community of influencers
  • Global media exposure and brand visibility
  • Employer branding, training and personal development
  • Experiential marketing for key accounts, media and your global audience
  • Branded content for owned and social media channels
  • Platform for presentations and show cases
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Thanks to these people who helped make Coboat happen

Maja Gray, Joachim Hesthammer, Hendrik Helmer, Tess Barber, Becky Mellor, Joel Llas and his team at Dream Yacht Charter, Andreas Nils, Amit Janco, Timo Jaakkola, Jan Österman, Susanne and Viktor Erikson, Riccardo Succu, Natalia Komis, Suzanne van der Veeken, Robert Jerzy, Hélène D’Aguanno, Liz von Loewen, Bastian Unterberg, Conradin Mach-Sonnenberg, Marcus Meurer, Feli Hargarten, Svetlana Us, Ali Najeeb, Abbas, Chan and his family at Mayuree Village, the team at Phuket Yacht Haven Marina, The Haven restaurant, The Deck restaurant, Bebe and Ha with their team at Phuket Boat Repair, Fabrizio Cremonini, Kim Hobson, Jacob Kowalewski, Marc Minhoff, Michalis Iafiotakis and his team.

The original Coboat crew

Tess Barber, Lilo Klotz, Erin Michelson, Matthias Zeitler, Heinz Grünwald, Uwe Allgäuer, Harry Bauer, Aravind Arunachalam

„These are the kind of projects the world needs right now.“
Jan Oesterman, Chairman of Oceanvolt