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Live a life to love:
It's time to save your spot on board.

Coboat will set sail on the 11th June from Athens and spend from June to November exploring the Mediterranean. For special pirate launch offers and the destinations for June / July click here.





“OK, sign me up!”

We have put an application process in place so we can get to know you better and learn about your experiences and expectations so we can make sure to have the best combination of people on board we can get.

As a successful candidate you will then be invited to purchase your ticket.

How long can I come on board?
Where do I embark?

You can stay for as long as you want. We embark/disembark every Saturday and our Booking Manager will get in touch with you just in time to plan your travels and make sure to get the most out of your time onboard.

At 1180€/week the Coboat ticket includes:

*Please inform us of dietary restrictions upon booking.

**Exceptions and limitations may apply in certain areas, some services can be restricted.

***Does not include scuba and third party rental fees.

Not included: Flights, transfers to and from embark/disembark location, alcoholic drinks, eating out, extra activities

More questions? Read our FAQ and the Terms & Booking Conditions.

“Coboat sounds like the holy grail for traveling freelancers. - Mashable ”