10 things that makes a Coboater a Coboater

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A Coboater …

  1. Seeks challenge, to be challenged and live in their discomfort zone
  2. Thrives on uncertainty, is willing to adapt and embrace and is prepared to laugh about it
  3. Is willing to try, and tackles anything that needs to be done
  4. Puts the self and ego aside in order for a better outcome for the community
  5. Is a self starter with a thirst for learning
  6. Explores self, skills, business, ideas, place
  7. Has a sense of adventure, is brave and fearless.
  8. Questions the status quo, preferring disruptive ideas and to break boundaries
  9. Supports other’s goals, challenges and successes
  10. Spots an opportunity for growth and improvement for themselves and the community, and takes action.

Does all of this on a boat!


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