Stepping the Mast: Coboat prepares to go undercover

In Coboat by Karsten Knorr / March 14, 2016 / No Comments

Last week marked a major milestone in the boat build project and it has been epic! The mast and boom have been taken down (in boat speak this is called stepping the mast) and we are now entering the next phase having completed the build of the internal infrastructure. This means that the cabins, beds, bathrooms and storage structures are built. The extension of the deck area at the back of the boat is complete and the work to expand the salon area is also complete.

The process of removing the mast and boom took just over 4 hours in total and involved twelve people. We’ve put together a video to share the process with you. Check it out.


What happens next with the project?
Coboat goes undercover as a huge tent will be constructed over her. We recently discovered water in the hulls so they need to be thoroughly inspected to establish if any damage has occurred. Our timescale on other tasks is very much dependent on what we discover here.


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