Wanted: Operations and Social Media Officer (Onshore)

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Operations and Social Media Officer aka Operations Manager (onshore)

#locationindependent #travelhacker #instasavvy

General requirements

  • good organisational and administration skills
  • familiar with collaboration tools 
  • experience in customer service
  • English in writing and speaking
  • social media addicted
  • familiar with the travel destinations
  • familiar with travel in general, airports, connections, hacks
  • familiar with sailing (at least some experiences from living of a boat)
  • flexible with time and well connected

You might join us on the boat for a few weeks if you feel like but otherwise you can work from wherever you like

Customer communication workflow

  • working with our CRM to communicate with 0ur applicants and paricipants
  • contact customer with general information (and checklist) for upcoming trip 
  • collect all necessary documents and forms (passports, liability waiver, medical, dietary)
  • assist with questions about visa, vaccination, seasickness, luggage
  • communication between boat and arriving guests about embarkation/delays
  • preliminary allocation of cabins (m/f)
  • short-term changes of bookings
  • answer questions from prospective guests before booking through online chat channels and via email
  • emergency management

Social Media

  • managing our social media channels on Facebook / Twitter / Insta (several posts per week)
  • posting and managing communication in related communities (f.ex. digital nomad worldwide)
  • replying to inquiries from Facebook page
  • monitoring and replying to tweets
  • manage our closed groups

Effort/time needed

approx. 30-40 hours per week

Interested? Submit your application (CV, photo) to [email protected] explaining why you’re interested in the role, and the skills you bring. We’d like to hear both about your skills and experience in community building, and about your interest in Coboat specifically.

Follow us at fb.me/coboat and @gocoboat on Instagram and Twitter.

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