"If you want to have a good time connect, get ideas, explore, co-work, co-live, step out of your comfort zone
and make new friends, Coboat is definitely the place to be"

Anca Muraru Office2Travel

“The community helped me to put things in perspective.
It was good to bounce a few ideas off people and get feedback on my project. My head feels much clearer now.”

Theo Doukas Polperro Dolphin Swims, Coboater

"When you spend time with like minded people, your mind opens to new possibilities
and then the ideas come. I've had so many ideas in this environment."

Jennifer Weitbrecht Remote Worker, Coboater

“The coboat experience was excellent, it helped me on my way to find my “Big Five for Life”.
Sharing your inner dreams with people on the same wavelength makes it even bigger.”

Judith Kurtz Unit Director at KAAPKE, Coboater

"The WIFI worked for me the whole time, faster than some coworking spaces - really surprising."

Jennifer Lachs Digital Nomad Girls

"Coboat has a great family feel born out of strong connections
to the people on board and this led to lots of collaboration. The community sparked new ideas for me
and identified future partnerships and projects."

Eleni Atsikbasis Digital Nomads Lesvos, Coboater

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