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I’m both happy and proud to write this first blog post on the Coboat site! My name is Tommy, I am taking care of the website design and also a co-founder of Coboat.

It’s been a great ride so far and I feel very positive and motivated by the project, the team and partners, everybody has been very helpful and we’ve got great feedback as well.

It’s quite ironic that I’m sitting inside a small shed about 16m2, 20m from the sea, on the west coast of Finland doing this, technology is just awesome! Almost offgrid with the sauna and sea as my daily “shower”. It’s been quite cold and rainy since I returned home from Thailand one month ago, but I enjoy meeting up with friends and family and the bad weather helps me stay focused on work! =)

I am still working on the design of the Coboat website, working on details, developing new things and researching when I find time left over. And I am more than happy to get feedback from you on Coboat and feel free to contact me or the team anytime!

The Earlybirds vouchers are finally out! So check them out and don’t forget to sign up to our newsletter (in the footer) to stay connected with us!

See you around!



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