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What a crazy few months this has been. After meeting Tommy & Karsten at KoHub the Coboat evolved into something quite amazing. Gerald was the final piece to our puzzle and completed the team (remotely on Skype in true digital nomad fashion). We have never looked back.

Our team have now dispersed across the globe, I begrudgingly stayed here on the beach in Koh Lanta. Karsten is now in the amazing spiritual retreat that is Ubud. Tommy is back in Finland enjoying the long summer days. Gerald sailing on the lakes surrounding Berlin.

Despite the distance, the energy in the team is still intense and we are all very focused on a singular goal.

The last weeks I have been developing relations with coworking spaces and entrepreneurial communities around the world. I am arranging the beginnings of future collaborations in local regions we will pass through.

Our main aim is to engage in entrepreneurship with a heavy focus on social impact. We will also be hosting local conferences and events on the boat, the possibilities are endless.

The project is already attracting interest from like minded individuals and groups who really want to make a difference. Coboat has been so well received that I get very excited to imagine the potential of what we could achieve on our journey.

The Coboat community onboard will be given the chance to cowork with different regional projects as we cruise around the world. This will present some amazing entrepreneurial opportunities for those onboard who choose to join in. We really want to focus on the soul and the benefits of the coworking experience.

Coboat is just beginning and I can’t wait to see all of the possibilities unfold.

So if you are reading this and we are passing by (or just want to collaborate remotely) then don’t hesitate to get in touch and we can chat about potential synergies! james@coboat.org




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