Safety first: Coboat Safety Equipment

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Interested what’s part of our safety protocol? Our Deckhand Maja has listed some of our safety equipment we carry on board for you:

Life Rafts

Coboat has 2 Plastimo Transocean SOLAS Approved Life Rafts onboard. Each raft is inspected regularly and is maintained in accordance with the strict Safety of Life At Sea International Standards (SOLAS). Each life raft is equipped with the SOLAS A required items, which is the highest level safety and survival items.

Throwable Safety Devices

Coboat has several different types of Throwable Safety devices located topside, all which are easily accessible. We have 2 Throwable Bags and 2 Horseshoe Rings, all which are well marked. They need no training to use and allow anyone to throw a life line should someone ever fall over board. Once thrown they allow the person in the water additional flotation, along with a line that can be used to pull them back into the boat.

Life Jackets

Coboat is equipped with Type I Offshore “offshore” life jackets for every person on board. These life jackets have a a minimum of 22 pounds of buoyancy. These life jackets are designed to turn an unconscious person face-up, it provides greater buoyancy for potentially longer rescues. All our life jackets are inspected and maintained in strict accordance with SOLAS Regulations.

Fire Safety

Portable extinguishers are mounted in every cabin and are inspected annually in strict accordance with SOLAS Regulations. Each of the crew members have been trained in ship board fire fighting and go thru annual training to stay current with procedures and equipment. All our fire fighting equipment is inspected and maintained in strict accordance with SOLAS Regulations.

AIS (Automatic Identification System) Class B Transponder

Coboat is equipped with AIS which is an automatic tracking system used on ships and by Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) for identifying and locating vessels by electronically exchanging data with other nearby ships, AIS base stations, and satellites. Each Vessel has a unique identifier so that at any moment other vessels can spot us and we them. AIS tracks position, course and speed and is graphical display of AIS data on board a ship.


Coboat is equipped with the latest technology when it comes to Electronic Navigation and Radar. We have Raymarine equipment that allows us to get up to the minute weather updates 24/7, along wth GPS positions, Depth Soundings and radio communications.


Coboat has 2 permanently mounted VHF radios, along with 3 Handheld VHF radios so that we can be in constant contact with other vessels around us, as well as our Dinghy Tender when they are transporting guests to land. Each of the crew is trained on the radius, including emergency radio procedures should the need ever arise.

First Aid Kit

Our first aid kit is like a hospital in a box.

This is the Emergency Locator Beacon. If we have a life threatening situation, the EPRIB will be set off and the appropriate search and rescue authorities will be notified.

Medical training & Equipment Onboard

Each of the Coboat crew have undergone emergency medical training, and are certified in CPR, AED, Oxygen delivery and First Responder First Aid. Coboat also carries an extensive offshore medical first aid kit, an AED, an Oxygen Kit and has an medical emergency plan in place to always have additional medical contacts available.


Coboat has a 17’ Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat that is carried on the stern (back end) of the boat. This dinghy has multiple uses, such as being used to transport guests to and from shore or to transport someone in a medical emergenc situation.

Do you feel safe? If you have any questions regarding our equipment send a mail to Maja.

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