Sailing to Adventure: Digital Nomad Meetups and Mykonos

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Written by Kim Hobson, Coboat Community Manager

This week we welcomed a bunch of amazing minds on board for our sail from Lemnos to Paros. One of this week’s Coboaters was Eric van den Broek, photographer and Cofounder at copass.org. Naturally, we wanted to put his amazing talent to good use so the adventures of this week come to you through his eyes lense!

This week's Coboaters ready to set sail

Coboaters ready to set sail

Day one of this week didn’t quite go according to plan, with less that smooth sailing on the route from Lemnos to Lesvos. On the plus side, Coboat has officially been “christened” and one of this week’s guests will forever hold the much-sought-after “first person ever to be sick sick on Coboat” title (can you guess who from the fresh faces above?!).

Well, mother nature had other plans for us on our first day!

Mother nature had other plans for us on our first day!

Our Coboaters quickly learned that as sailors we are always at the mercy of mother nature, and sometimes she doesn’t want to cooperate. But after the wet and wild adventures of day one, day two definitely made up for it as we arrived at the beautiful Island of Lesvos.  

Coboaters Arrive at Bird's Bay, HQ of Digital Nomads Lesvos

Coboaters Arrive at Bird’s Bay, HQ of Digital Nomads Lesvos

Coboaters were invited to spend the day at Bird’s Bay Coworking space, home of Digital Nomads Lesvos (DNL). DNL founder, Eleni Atsikbasis, gave us a warm welcome at the breathtaking location which features an infinity pool, superfast internet and on-site accommodation; everything a nomad needs to stay productive in paradise.

Wow, that view!

That view!

Coboaters spent the day working away as well as finding time to make a splash in the pool.

Coboaters working away at DNL

Working away pool-side

Coboaters Ahoy!

Coboaters Ahoy!

Coboaters set sail

Flying the Flag for Coboat!

Coboaters making a splash

Coboaters making a splash

That evening we invited Eleni on board as we sailed to the south of the island and spent a night on anchorage under the stars. Sailing to new destinations and meeting with the wider coworking community is a huge positive of having a mobile Coworking space, and we’re very glad to be able to make new friends at each of our destinations.

Under the starry Sky on anchorage in Lesvos

Under the starry sky on anchorage in Lesvos

Go Coboat!

Coboat lights up the sky!

Thankfully, the rest of the week was smooth sailing, and we drew on the diverse and bright minds of our Coboaters in a number of onboard sessions. Each and every Coboater has a unique background, skill and career experience, and we ensure our community can take full advantage of this learning in our Skill Share Sessions. A few of the sessions on board this week included:

  • Negotiation 101
  • Photography Workshop
  • Building your Social Media Strategy
  • Turning Stress into Creativity
Eric Shares his photography knowledge in an onboard Skill Share

Eric Shares his photography knowledge in an onboard Skill Share

Each of our guests also has the opportunity to present a project they are currently working in our ‘Idea Incubator’ sessions. Getting the input of other Coboaters helps to focus on where to go next , how to improve, as well as gain valuable tips and tricks from others on board. In one session our guest Barbara confessed she had felt thoroughly ‘idea slapped’ (in a good way) by all the great feedback given to her for her project, LoveYourDigitalNomad.

Coboaters help Barbara during an Idea Incubator Session for her project Love Your Digital Nomad

Coboaters help Barbara during an Idea Incubator Session for her project Love Your Digital Nomad


Sunset Idea Incubator with Adrian

Sunset Idea Incubator session with Adrian

After spending an evening on the quant Island of Psara– home to just 300 people!– we headed south towards the infamous Island of Mykonos. Coboaters spent the day exploring its quant streets before heading for sundowner drinks at 180 Degrees, an amazing bar perched above the town with one-of-a-kind views of the Island.

Enjoying the View from 180 Degrees

Applying our newly-aquired photography skills!

Coboaters enjoy a Sunset Sundowner

Coboaters enjoy a Sunset Sundowner

As we said goodbye to Mykonos, we headed towards Paros, where we took advantage of the ocean views to boost our productivity.

Staying plugged in on the Ocean

Staying plugged in on the Ocean

Working away on Coboat

Working away on Coboat

Arriving in Paros on our last evening, we joined forces with Digital Nomad Retreats for a BBQ on the beach.

Joining Boats with Digital Nomad Retreats

Joining forces with Digital Nomad Retreats!

It’s always hard to say goodbye to our Coboaters and this week was no exception with a few tears! But we know that we’ve made friends for life. It was a pleasure to spend such a great week with you all!


Oh it's all getting rather emotional!

Oh it’s all getting rather emotional!

We hate saying goodbye!

It’s not goodbye… it’s see you later!




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