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Coboat has been an amazing journey and has always pushed the boundaries of technology and innovation. It is incredible how far we have come in just over six months since Tommy, James and Karsten dreamt up the idea sitting on a beach in Thailand.

We are a true start-up in the sense that every day the project becomes more challenging and this tests our adaptability. But we always rise to that challenge and find ways to do what needs to be done to move forward in order to make this project a reality.

It has been a truly passionate adventure, with each one of us giving our best to make it happen.

Having said this, we must admit that we have been a bit over optimistic about what we could achieve by the launch date that we had set for ourselves: November 28th.

Over the past few weeks we have learned that whilst some things can happen almost by magic, others take longer than planned. This is the way of the startup world especially when it comes to construction – as many of you probably have experienced yourselves. Our parts and equipment are coming from all over the world, the workers on the shipyard have experienced many unexpected challenges, such as the heavy rain in the last weeks, plus we already had a late start with the delivery from the Maldives in August. Alas, we are still moving strong and at a good pace regardless of the setbacks.

Our team in Phuket is working really hard but we are just watching our buffer melting away in the beginning of the high season. Right now it looks like we will not be ready in time to launch on November 28 as we had hoped. Which is a real shame but we feel that the boat should be ready to rock and roll and be as perfect as we can get it before launch date. There should be no compromises.

When will we be ready and how much will we be delayed? We will be better able to make an estimate in the middle of November. It could just be 1 or 2 weeks but to be on the safe side we are planning to move forward our schedule for 4 weeks.

This is as disappointing for our guests as it is for us. But we are confident that our community will understand and react in a positive way that supports our unique idea and venture. We’ve come this far together, after all!

We will soon reach out to our guests, scheduled for those first weeks, to find individual solutions for their bookings.
Nonetheless we are proud of the project, where we are today and want to thank our team and our supporters from all over the globe for your patience and trust in this really exciting and sometimes challenging project.

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