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Finding your community and like minded people

In Coboat by Karsten Knorr / September 14, 2016 / No Comments

Written by Helena Mayr, Coboat Community Manager This week started off in Reggio di Calabria. Eager to leave as quickly as possible, Coboat set off back to the Lipari islands for some more island hopping, volcanoes and crazy adventures. One of the most discussed topics included the definitions surrounding ‘location independent’ and ‘remote worker’ in […]

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Casting caution to the wind aboard Coworking Catamaran Coboat

In Coboat by Karsten Knorr / September 08, 2016 / No Comments

By guest author Helen Iatrou, Journalist | Travel, food & lifestyle writer, www.greecessence.com | Full article can be found here. When I happened upon the innovative Coboat concept a few months ago, reading about the founders’ vision to create their dream coworking catamaran, it nabbed my attention – hook, line and sinker. (No apologies for cramming as many sea-related […]

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Exploration, Collaboration and Innovation

In Coboat by Karsten Knorr / September 07, 2016 / No Comments

Written by Helena Mayr, Coboat Community Manager This week was perhaps the most adventurous on this leg. After meeting our two new crew members, a new chef and welcoming Becky back on the boat, the food, souvenir, ice cream and henna frenzy began to make the most of our days in Corfu.     The first of two (and a half) night cruises was very exciting, with crew waking up early to watch the sunrise at 6am.   The inevitable traditional flag changing ceremony (fog horn and pouring a sip of alcohol for Neptune) from the […]

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The week of the most inspirational meeting spaces

In Coboat by Karsten Knorr / September 03, 2016 / No Comments

Written by Helena Mayr, Coboat Community Manager Week two of our Mediterranean leg led us through more Greek islands, one more beautiful than the next. New members joining us on the boat were Markus, Sara and Doug, together with competition winner Stefan and Cat, who extended for another week.   This week kicked off with some great idea incubators, discussions, idea creation and skill shares. Yet again, having a diverse crew on Coboat led to invaluable input on all […]

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“Delphi Selfie”: Ancient Greek Wisdom Meets Design Thinking

In Coboat by Karsten Knorr / August 25, 2016 / No Comments

Written by Helena Mayr, Coboat Community Manager This week we set off again from Athens. The first leg of our journey was a very Greek-infused experience. Activities included an unforgettable drive through the Corinth Canal, a visit to Delphi, which was once considered the centre of the world, and many, many amazing bays and beaches. […]

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Coboat – the digital nomads sailing experience

In Coboat by Anca Muraru / July 28, 2016 / No Comments

To coboat or not to coboat? Lately I’ve been writing a lot about workations and other digital nomad events, because I find their potential and outcome to be amazing. In just a few days, you manage to connect with people, create new friendships, get feedback on your projects and learn new skills. This time, the […]

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A Week Long Idea ‘Slapathon’

In Coboat by Karsten Knorr / July 21, 2016 / No Comments

  The idea slapping continued during this week, as we left Paros and headed to Lavrion in Athens. As usual we kicked off the week with a round of introductions and expectation sharing and we were joined by a few of the previous weeks guests, Lucinda, Heather and Craig. And this is where the magic […]

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Challenges, laughs and learnings

In Coboat by Karsten Knorr / July 14, 2016 / No Comments

  Week 27 was all about bonding, laughing (and we laughed A LOT) and being tested. We sailed from Paros to Ios before exploring the volcanic region of Santorini (unfortunately not getting to climb the volcano as there wasn‘t anywhere suitable for us to dock), then from Santorini to Keros via Ios again, before returning […]

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Sailing to Adventure: Digital Nomad Meetups and Mykonos

In Coboat by Karsten Knorr / July 11, 2016 / 2 Comments

Written by Kim Hobson, Coboat Community Manager This week we welcomed a bunch of amazing minds on board for our sail from Lemnos to Paros. One of this week’s Coboaters was Eric van den Broek, photographer and Cofounder at copass.org. Naturally, we wanted to put his amazing talent to good use so the adventures of this week come […]